How we are Different

The eternal question-one asked by most agencies of themselves-is "How are we different?"  For us, this was not a retrospective question we brainstorm in a meeting while trying to figure out how we can create an attractive image, but to which the answer is foundational to our business.  We are blessed to have been able to create our products and services from scratch, with the success of our clients as our priority.  The unique blend of decades of experience in the technology sector and the freedom to methodically create, test and fine-tune our products and services has created a truly unique company.

We eschew the massive overhead of traditional development and marketing agencies.  Our strength lies not only in our top-of-class ability and expertise, but our willingness to listen and respond to our clients needs.  While other agencies have management bureaucracies who drain your budget, every single member of our team adds value-no dead weight.

New Volition has shown time and time again that we are able to accomplish what other developers and agencies fail to finish or say cannot be done.  Our founder has over twenty years of development and over ten years of online marketing experience, and with the best and brightest minds in the development and online marketing community in our corner, we always deliver.